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Thanksgiving has always been on of our favorite holidays. Seeing loved ones, sharing delicious food, taking a break from our hectic lifestyles for some old fashioned good times.
This year has been different to say the least and Thanksgiving is no different. Here are some tips to help safely enjoy Thanksgiving.
Keep Your Guest List Low
Make next year the Thanksgiving to invite old co-workers but keep this years gathering smaller. And if you have at risk family members strongly consider doing a zoom Thanksgiving with them.
Try For A Fresh Air Meal
If weather is permitting try to have your Thanksgiving outside, just like the original meals. If you can’t do it outside open a window and make sure you have good ventilation
Keep Families Together
If there are multiple families attending have them stay together and practice social distancing.
Limit the Cooks in the Kitchen
Make sure you don’t have a million cooks in the kitchen. Try to keep the people cooking and serving to a minimum (and be sure to show your appreciation if you aren’t the one cooking!)
Ditch the Buffet
Have your designated cook dish the plates in the kitchen to avoid passing plates all around.

We know its been a looong year and we never expected to do this, lets be grateful for what we have and remember that next year we can be thankful for something new the ability to celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving! 🦃

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