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We are often asked about whether borrowers should take out a 15 or 30 year mortgage. You may have noticed rates on a 15 year mortgage are amazingly low. Lower rate is better right? Well its not quite that simple. Most people actually get a 30 year mortgage. Lets review the pros and cons.
The main pros of a 15 year mortgage are the aforementioned lower rate. You are also paying less in interest over the lifetime of the loan. For example a $200,000 mortgage at 15 years with today’s current rates you’d be looking at less than $45,000 in interest. While the same loan at 30 years you’d pay over double that, over $100,000 in interest over the life of the loan. You also have the benefit of paying of the loan free and clear in half the time.
Sounds great, why don’t people do it more? Well the kicker is higher monthly payments. Most people are looking for lower payments. The above loan for 30 years would have a monthly payment around $850, while the 15 year loan would have a monthly payment of over $1300. That’s a big difference to most people.
If you’re already saving comfortably for retirement, college, have savings and little other debt then the 15 year might be the call. But most people are looking for financial flexibility and the much lower monthly payment, hence the popularity of the 30 year term. But either way rates are low and we recommend taking advantage, so fill out the free consultation on our website and we can see what program best fits your needs!

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