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We don’t need to tell you that 2020 is presenting new challenges, but some of them can be opportunities. If you are lucky enough to have outdoor space consider making an outdoor room!
An outdoor room is a great way to enjoy the summer weather, get fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun (it helps strengthen the immune system 💪).
Creating an outdoor room you’ll want to consider what its primarily going to be used for: relaxing, dining or maybe working.
First, you’ll want to make sure it has a ceiling! Ok maybe not an actual ceiling if you have a tree for cover that’s great! If you’re super ambitious a pergola is awesome but you can always get an umbrella or a trellis and cover that.
Next you’ll want to get furniture! You can furnish similar to the indoors. If you’re going to be relaxing maybe low chairs and don’t forget side tables. If you want to be fashion-forward get throw pillows too 🙂 And of course make sure they are outdoor fabrics that are built to be weather resistant.
Also consider making a floor for your outdoor room – you can everything from an outdoor carpet to wood flooring to crushed shells under your dining area to adding some stepping stones!
Finally don’t forget the lights! You can hang some fun outdoor string lights that will make everyone jealous when you post pics of your new room 🙂

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